Windows CE Licensing – What’s in Core, what’s in Pro…

Windows CE (as we all know by now) is a small footprint, hard real-time, componentized, embedded operating system that gets used in a range of cool and interesting devices, from cow milking machines, medical devices, industrial control systems, robots, rice cookers, and land-mine detectors - the operating system is licensed based on the components of the operating system you include in your image.

A fairly common question is how to determine whether the operating system you've built contains core components (approx 80% of the operating system is covered by the core license), or the pro license - there are a couple of ways to find out.

  1. Use the Runtime Assesment Tool to determine which core/pro components you are using

  2. Take a look at the Runtime Licensing Model for Windows CE document - this lists all of the operating system components, and details which are core/pro

- Mike

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  1. This blog posting is great. Your views are very true. Everyone should start thinking as you are doing.

    Andrea Jasperson

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