Windows XP Embedded Resources.

Andy Allred (and team) have posted a useful list of resources for Windows XP Embedded developers - here's a link to the XPE Blog post.

- Mike

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  1. Mike, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you for a list of recommended books about wide area of Windows Embedded issues. I mean about something what is up-to-date, what relates latest Windows Embedded systems architecture, etc.

    In example:

    – recommended book about Windows Embedded architecture (its modularity, kernel, filesystem, etc.); my favourite is "Inside Microsoft Windows CE" by John Murray but this is the only such book I know and it’s very old, so I’m looking something like this but fresh.

    – recommended book for native code developers; my favourite is Douglas Boling’s book.

    – recommended book for managed code developers; my favourite ???.

    Your and other developers recommendations would be useful.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Ups!

    I’ve just noticed this page:

    OK, it provides much of useful information but it’s not-CE as I noticed.

    So being more precise, what about books about Windwos CE platform in details?

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