Not using Windows Embedded – What’s your excuse ?

There are some interesting case studies on the Windows/Embedded web site - Devices include medical, industrial control, robotics, crane safety devices, and other cool devices.

What do these devices tell you about the family of Windows Embedded operating systems (Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Embedded for Point of Service) ? - There is a message behind the case studies that talks about reliability, real-time performance, time to market, cost savings, interop with other systems, and more.

What are your reasons for not evaluating/using Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded or Windows Embedded for Point of Service in your devices ?

- Mike

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  1. Chris Cyvas says:


    I don’t think the hurdle is so much the OS as the hardware. I have personally struggled to find an appropriate hardware platform that is geared to what is needed. This is also why I have been watching the WE-DIG group and the work they are doing with the GUMSTIX / DRUMSTIC project. There are plenty of uses for the OS, but finding hardware platforms of "different flavors" that can be tailored to a specific use without laying out thousnads of dollars for a prototype design is VERY difficult.



  2. mikehall says:

    Hi Chris,

    Can you describe what you’re building ?

    – Mike

  3. Chris Cyvas says:

    Not in this public forum, but I would take it "offline". You can send me an email at if you are interested.


  4. SOHO says:

    I downloaded the Trial, and all the files are all over the place, and there is no single installion setup. Eg: double click setup.exe and it does the rest. Instead I constantly asked to put in ‘Disk 1’. Obviously this blue wiindow set up thing is looking in the CD-Rom drive and nowhere else. Am I expected to make CDs from the downloaded files first?

    Also, the SQL Part won’t load because of some password error.

    This convoluted setup method is my excuse.

  5. umahesh says:

    I am quite convinced with Windows CE. But few of my clients are not. I want to convince them on following part…

    Windows CE interrupt mechanism works on ISR->IST->process and so on. The competitor RTOS gives them interrupt latency of one digit(less than 10) microsec. How should I convince them.

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