VS2005 – Hey where are my Remote Tools ?

If you've been using eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 or Platform Builder to write/test applications then you've probably been using some of the Remote Tools (File Viewer, Heap Walker [always reminds me of Star Wars!], Process Viewer etc...) - You could find these utilities on the Tools menu in Platform Builder or eMbedded Visual C++.

Here's the Tools menu in Visual Studio 2005 - hey, where's the Remote Tools?

The Remote Tools can be found on your desktop Start menu, not directly exposed from Visual Studio itself.

Go check out Start | All Programs | Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 | Visual Studio Remote Tools - here's the tools menu.

eMbedded Visual C++ and Platform Builder use a tools transport called PlatMan (Platform Manager), this doesn't exist with Visual Studio 2005 which uses a new transport called CoreCon.

You will notice that some tools that were previously supported in PB/eVC are missing from the list, Application Verifier, Remote Performance Monitor, Remote Call Profiler for example - if you're building a custom Windows CE device using Platform Builder then you can still use these tools from Platform Builder or from eMbedded Visual C++.

- Mike

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  1. Li Haoran says:

    I have read your technical article "How to Demonstrate Windows XP Embedded using Virtual PC" . it gave me a great help in builting a XPE developing environment.so i must say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    now i have another problem.where can i get more detailed knowledge about component? for example, if i want to add "Devices Manager", which component i should deal with.

    today is the last day of 2005, so Happy New Year and have a happy and successful 2006.

    by the way, i’m from China. thank you for your time.

  2. mikehall says:

    Hi, it sounds like you might be interested in some of the tools available from Sean Liming in his Windows XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit – more information is available here – http://www.sjjmicro.com/XPES.html

    – Mike

  3. Daniel Coudriet says:

    Hi Mike,

    regarding "missing" remote tools such as Remote Performance Monitor or Remote Call Profiler do you mean that they may *only* be used with custom windows CE designs and not with OTS Windows Mobile 5 devices. Should this be the case, what tools can then be used to profile an application being developped for this platform ?

    Best regards & Happy New Year!


  4. Tim Meese says:

    Hi Mike,

    [This is slightly off topic, but perhaps good material for a tutorial]

    Well, I did the Death March last year with eVC++ 4 SP4 and decided to try to migrate to VS2005 this year. It seems to have imported my projects OK, but I can’t seem to connect to my target anymore. I had been using ActiveSync 3.8 befoire and have upgraded to 4.1. I keep getting the message "The bootstrap could not be loaded". Any ideas?

    Muchos gracias…


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