What tutorials do you want to see ?

After posting a couple of tutorials recently (Visual Studio 2005 and Windows CE 5.0 [managed and native]) and building a headless device with HTTP Web Server there have been a couple of requests for additonal tutorials, these are...

  1. Windows CE Headless Device with Telnet - show how to add authentication

  2. Windows CE Headless Device supporting .NET Compact Framework 2.0

I'm also planning on recording a WEPOS application development video early part of next year, showing how to code a .NET (or native) application that talks to the managed driver architecture of WEPOS [this should be very interesting!]

After posting the Building Managed/Native applications for Windows CE 5.0 using Visual Studio 2005 tutorials I'm surprised to see that the managed video is getting about three times as many views as the native video - I would have guessed that many developers would still be coding in native code for Windows CE "Embedded" devices - does this mean you are really interested in coding managed applications for your Windows CE Embedded Device ? - if so, would you like to see more Managed demos?

So, now that we have a couple of suggestions for tutorials, what else would you like to see? (could be Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, or WEPOS)

- Mike

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  1. Danny says:

    managed Direct3d on mobile 2005 using th .net cf 2.0

  2. mikehall says:

    ah, yes, although this is Windows Mobile rather than "embedded" I believe Chris Muench has written a game that covers this. I will see if Chris is able to record a short video explaining how this works, and perhaps a quick sample.

    – Mike

  3. We spent the year 2005 on developing a hospitality POS system based on hardware from Firich Inc.(Taiwan) and WinCE 4.2. The app is a managed app build with VS2003. The system uses a VIA Twister chipset, CF HD and 12" LCD with ELO touchscreen. I would be interrested in how (ELO) touchdrivers can be included in a CEPC CE5.0 build. The CE4.2 build we get from Firich includes too many addons we really don’t need in a dedicated hospitality POS system. From the VIA website new CE5.0 BSP’s are available for VIA Twister based hardware designs.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.

  4. Oscar Esqueda says:

    I would like to see more native/unmanaged development demos.

    E.g. How to migrate a project from eVC++ to Visual Studio 2005, and avoid the use of eVC++ in future projects.

    More demos using newest CE 5.0 APIs.


  5. Tim Meese says:

    how does dependency resolution get done by PB 5.0. it seemed to-be a more Manual process in 4.2. Also, what is needed to incorporate a ‘virtual desktop’ on a headless platform

    (submitted with my new tablet PC:)

  6. mikehall says:

    Tim, congratulations on the new Tablet!

    What do you mean by a "Virtual Desktop on a headless device" ?

    – Mike

  7. Linus says:

    It will be very useful and interesting to see how Windows CE 5.0 enables STB (Set-top Box) development especially for IPTV application.

    1) How to customise the Shell for the environment of STB or medical application, i.e. Customised centrial UI which prevents users from accessing standard desktop and Start menu.

    2) How to customise the Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer – functionality & UI.

    3) Is that possible to use .NET CF 1.0 or 2.0 Managed Code (C#) to incorporate Media Player application for IPTV, VOD and so on other than customising Internet Explorer?

    Very much appreciated Mike!!!

    – Linus from UK

  8. Hung Nguyen says:

    It would be very helpful to see how to use Visual Studio 2005 to develop, deploy and debug applications for WinCE 4.2 (or older versions if supported) devices (not just PocketPC or SmartPhone). I found nothing on MSDN about VS2005 mobile development other than PocketPC 5.0. Please shed some light on what older technology are supported in VS2005.

  9. Linus says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve read your article about Microsoft TV Tools Suite http://blogs.msdn.com/mikehall/archive/2004/11/23/268609.aspx. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere I can download or buy this product which may of tremendous value to my project at hand. I am really a bit desperate about this and will really appreciate if you can tell me where can I obtain the Suite and its relevant spec. Thanks a lot in advance.

  10. Linus — Mike’s fellow British PA here (since he’s away in Las Vegas having fun ;-)). Check out: http://www.microsoft.com/tv/ — this is not something that end users can acquire directly though. The various associated products are for OEMs and service providers. If you fall into this group, there is contact information at that link. Enjoy!

  11. Bob says:

    The WEPOS video could be very interesting and useful.

    I’d be interested in one covering using the WinPE from the XPe disks to create a deployment disk for our image, or perhaps a field recovery CD, with a compressed XPe image.

  12. Tim Meese says:

    > Tim, congratulations on the new Tablet!

    Hey, Mike. I really like the tablet for impromptu email, presentations and browsing. It’s actually a convertible — you need that keybd for coding :-).

    > What do you mean by a "Virtual Desktop on a

    > headless device" ?

    I’ve actually got 2 ‘horsemen’ at work now and would like to use the ActiveSync remote desktop or similar tool, possibly using KITL.

    Also, if you could do a followup to your first ‘horseman’ article, perhaps showing how to get a console prompt from the serial port of a video-less CEPC for example, that’d be great. I found your prior post abt the registry mods to do this, but am still having a bit of a time getting it to work.

    Thanks for the great blog…


  13. Pace says:

    I cant believe I just made a tody, functional app and had it running in under 5 minutes!

    How about some tutorials… basic apps with extendable theories so we can build on it and help out more 🙂

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