January 2006, WE-DIG, Date/Content – Build an ARM Emulator in an hour!

Note that January's WE-DIG meeting has moved to the SECOND Wednesday of the month (January 11th) - this is because most of the "Diggers" will be at CES in Las Vegas (I'm hoping that this January isn't going to be as cold as last year!)

Here's The content for Jan's meeting - and yes, we're planning on recording the session...

Barry Bond - The Man with the Golden Armulator
Starring Microsoft's top agent for battling bugs, erasing errors, and debugging on the desktop. You'll learn about the Emulator running ARM code, and get a chance to talk to the man who changed device debugging forever. We look forward to seeing you then
Location: Quinault Room, Bld 34, Microsoft Campus, Redmond WA
Dates: 1/11/2006

- Mike

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