Post # 1000 – Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year !

So, here it is, blog post number 1000, I've been wondering what to put in here, but given the time of year I thought I would simply wish my readers (both of them) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Mike

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  1. Oskar Berreteaga says:

    Well, according to Bloglines, 161 people are subscribed to your blog. Not bad, IMHO, and that’s certainly more than 2 🙂

    I guess there’ll be many more readers out there.

    Merry Xmas and kind regards

  2. Un-grinched says:

    Merry Christmas, and many blessings from God for the new year!

  3. David Taylor says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, and yours, too!

    David Taylor

  4. Richard Jones says:

    Have a very Happy Christmas,

    your blog is always a must read!

  5. c001 says:

    Wow..1000 posts..Congragulation .

    Thank you for your time and effort. Your blog is definitely a must read.

    Wish Mike and all readers a Merry X’mas ^^

  6. Dan McCarty says:

    You mean I had to read 999 posts to get to this?! Come on, where’s the hidden prize behind the secret door? 😉

    Just kidding. Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. I’m looking forward to see where CE goes in ’06.

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