WE-Dig Vancouver – The Trip home…

Wrapping up the WE-DIG Vancouver trip report... There was a great turnout at the Vancouver embedded meeting - if you were there then thanks for coming! - There's so much content that we could cover at these meetings, perhaps we need to go back sometime soon to cover more content.

We parked at the Fairmont hotel, the hotel has really nice Christmas decorations, including a life sized Santa... here's a photo of the road-trip crew... Left to right, Paul Yao (world famous book author and presenter!), Mike Hall, Santa (the guy with the beard and red hat!), Andreas Penna (front right), Nick White (back right)

No trip to the frozen north would be complete without a pit-stop for Donuts (at Tim Hortons, of course!)


And a cup of Seattles finest - we arrived at Tim Hortons/Starbucks at about 10:00pm, Starbucks was strangely full, this store appeared to be a well known late evening meeting place close to the Canada/USA border.


We arrived back in Redmond at about 12:15am - and then it's back in the office for press meetings at 8am...

I'd like to see how we can scale these events, while it's fun to travel to Vancouver (which is only a few hours drive from Seattle) hopping over to Europe or Asia isn't quite to practical - perhaps we need to look at audio/video conferencing technologies.

- Mike

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