Vancouver/Canada December 14th – WE-Dig Meeting.

I'm going to be presenting at the WE-DIG meeting in Vancouver/Canada on Wednesday 14th December - Paul Yao, Nick White, Andreas Penna and I will be driving up from Microsoft Campus in Redmond, we're guessing the trip will take aboot three hours, I will take some photo's during the trip, and perhaps take my camcorder to record any interesting conversations in the car on the way up, I will also let you know how long the trip toque.

I think the meeting kicks off at about 6:30pm, I think the meeting is at the Microsoft Vancouver office (I will get Nick White to confirm), I think the meeting should be over at about 9:30pm or so, which means (if the border is clear) we should be back in Redmond at around 12:30am on Thursday.

At last weeks WE-DIG Redmond meeting we asked the audience what topics they would like to see us present over the next few meetings - Jon Fincher ran off with the list, so I will grab that and post the subjects on the blog.

Road-Trip tomorrow should be interesting...

More information on Thursday when I get back from the trip.

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Paul Yao says:

    Here is the list that Jon Fincher sent out on the list of things the membership would like to see. Items include:

    — More 100-level demos (everyone liked Mike’s intro PB demo last night) — More “fringe” demos as well (stuff people don’t normally do)

    — Driver development for CE (Specifically, some insight into NDIS was asked for)

    — Troubleshooting tips for CE

    — Demos on debugging

    — Real-time how-to’s for CE and XPE

    — More “shiny cool” stuff (Specifically, people want to see robots. Killer robots with lasers in their frickin’ foreheads.)

    — Personally, I want to hook rotors to our Drumstix boards when they’re done and have them swarm in a room, using BT to communicate with the other devices in the swarm.

  2. Andreas Penna says:

    It’s going to be a blast!!! I hope to see many folks there and explain the advantages of the Windows Embedded platform relative to the competition.


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