Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference 2006

Planning is under way for the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference 2006 (MEDC) - If you attended last years event I'd like to hear what you liked, what could have been better, and what we missed...

- Mike

Comments (11)

  1. Daniel Moth says:

    I liked the blue man group and didn’t like that my session proposal got rejected. More non-MSFT speakers please 😉

  2. David E. Crawford says:

    More technical seminars – less marketing pitch. Now that Windows Mobile 5 is out, let’s cut to the chase on how to solve business problems using the tools.

    The hands-on labs were good.

    Blue Man Group was good.

  3. More sessions about headless device development:

    – Problems with headless devices and how to solve it (e.g. using wininet with NULL (Stub) Diplay driver)

    – Webserver extensions (ISAPI, ASP, RemoteAdmin)

    – Visual Studio 2005 and headless devices

    More Information about Windows CE Roadmap:

    – future proof device driver develepment

    More detailed Hard Realtime issues.

    Most of last MEDC realtime session was about CE 3.0.

    What was good?

    Your webservice session was excelent.

    Blue Man Group.

    Hands On Lab.

    Ask the experts.


  4. Bob says:

    More XPe talks to balance against mobile, etc.

    Has the time/location been determined for next year? Las Vegas was nice, but San Diego was preferrable.

  5. galego says:

    I would like to see more 4xx technical sessions, more Hands-On Labs.

    A pre-conference with more in depth code & tips.

    And more MapPoint & Virtual Earth stuff, they are great mobile applications.

    And one more suggestion: Do already have the time/location of the conference, as some people like me that lives in other countries

    has more time to arrange travel & lodging stuff.

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    I hated the fact it was in sleazy Vegas.

  7. mikehall says:

    Location has been set – it’s Las Vegas for the US event – we’re also planning a number of international events – more information on the dates/locations coming soon…

    – Mike

  8. Richard Jones says:

    Hi Mike, please can you let us know when the call for papers happens.

    Would like to present again.

  9. Steve Maillet says:

    I’d like to see WAY more Embedded focus and a lot less on the Windows Mobile app development. I think we should go back to when the show was split out to focus on one or the other groups as the amount of actual overlap is not nearly as large as was initially perceived.

  10. Sean Kelley says:

    I would also like to see a greater embedded focus, especially with regards to CE in portable small devices that aren’t smartphones/pda/etc and that don’t have a stylus and don’t run .NET CF 2.0 but rather use native code.


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