Windows Embedded Student ChallengE 2006 – Registration pushed out to Jan 22nd 2006

Following on from my last post about the Windows Embedded Student Challenge 2006 the registration date has been pushed out to January 22nd 2006.

- Mike 

Comments (3)

  1. Marcelo van Kampen says:

    Uh oh… It appers that the site stills tells December First… Better to change that, not everyone (but they should!) read your blog frequently.

    I also wan´t to suggest that the Nic Sagez open up a blog – Last year the info was always faster on Ivan´s blog 🙂

    And I also have a question… Can multiple teams have the same mentor?

  2. Marcelo van Kampen says:

    And there is another issue: On the FAQ of CSIDC it is said that all teams from WCEC must participate of CSIDC, and the registration is also December 1st…

  3. Nic Sagez says:

    Yes, it is possible to have the same mentor for multiple teams.

    Teams have the opportunity to compete both on the WESC and the CSIDC, but they do not have to.

    Please contact for more help on the contest or look at

    Nic Sagez

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