Does anyone still use 800×600 on their desktop PC ?

I've been recording some videos over at Microsoft Studios, once recorded, edited (only if needed!), the videos are transcoded down to 800x600 and 300k/100k - is 800x600/300k ok for watching tutorials? - does anyone still run at 800x600? - Would you prefer to see 1024x768? (the resolution we actually capture the screen at).

- Mike

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  1. Paul A. Lowe says:


    I don’t run my work machines at 800×600 but the one I get to use at home (left over from my children and wife) is still 800×600. Since I view training material on it still, I guess I would qualify. Some day when my kids are out of my wallet I hope to come out of the stone age of PCs. Till then I am trapped in W2K/800×600 Hades.


  2. TAG says:

    We do use 800×600 for software that must be accesible by mouse or touch screen. It allow to fit everything we need – but nothing more.

  3. Scott says:

    I run my desktop at 1024×768, not because my monitors don’t support higher numbers, but because I still value my eyesight more than screen real estate. Having to read tiny characters at higher resolutions just can’t be a good thing. With that said, the only thing I still run at 800×600 are my RDP sessions to the servers I work with, since I’m usually just checking status on them. If you want to record demos at 1024×768, I say: go ahead! Maybe they’ll be a little easier to read and not as fuzzy as the 800×600 versions…. Thanks!

  4. Travis Owens says:

    I haven’t met a developer than runs less than 1024×768 since I started programming years ago.

    I’d even go as far to say 1280×1024 is a minimum is my book. My rule of thumb is, if you’re going to build an app, you need a screen size larger than user so you can see the whole winform at once.

    End users are a different story, I can point out a countless number of older users (40s,50s) that use 800×600, even on brand new LCDs that have native resolutions of 1024×768. Which is a blur fest and makes no sense to me!

  5. ZSX says:

    I’m almost embarassed to say that I still run a Fujitsu LT which has an 800 x 600 resolution, and I even have a modded mini-ITX which is connected to a 7" LCD at 640 x 480!

  6. tzagotta says:

    I’m sure some folks are still running that resolution, but probably >99% are running something higher, especially when you look at developers.

  7. Travis Owens says:

    Now that we’ve gone way off topic I might as well push it further off the cliff.

    I should also point out, if you want to look at users as a whole, TheCounter has reliable stats going all the way back to 1999.

    Here are the October 2005 stats on resolution

    Summary: 800×600 or less is around 23%, meaning that more than 3/4th of people can use high res (1024 or higher). But I’m guessing a fair amount of those 800×600 users are just using their PC’s default resolution or have looked at 1024, thought it looked too small and didn’t use it long enough to get use to it.

  8. Paul M says:

    I find 800×600 constraining, but with that said I must point out that I’ve had medical issues in the past which affected my eyesight, and during this time even 800×600 was quite hard to read.

    This experience has taught me that people with sub-optimal vision, or who simply prefer larger text, are a significant and important minority of users.

  9. Joe Future says:

    I’d actually like to see 640×480 versions too so I can play them on my Pocket pc. when I convert the 800 x 6OO I webcasts using Movie Maker, I don’t get video on the PPC- only audio.

  10. mikehall says:

    ok, so what resolutions are you guys using ?

    I’m running at 1900×1200 on my laptop, and 3xMultimon 1280×1024 on my desktop.

    – Mike

  11. fowl says:

    It is good to have them at 800*600 (smaller normal) because then u can watch and do otherthings at same time

  12. fowl says:

    It is good to have them at 800*600 (smaller normal) because then u can watch and do otherthings at same time

  13. Matt Newman says:

    I rarely watch training videos full screen, I prefer to multitask.

  14. Travis Owens says:


    I always use the max my hardware allows at full quality (80hz refresh and 32bit color).

    At work this means 1024×1280 (yes that’s page layout) because it’s the "natural res" for my LCD

    At home 1280×1024 (the highest setting my CRT supports at 80hz)

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