Windows CE 5.0 – Comparing Workspaces – Part 4

I've been doing some additional work on the Windows CE image diff tool, here's the first (exclusive!) look at the application running and showing (for the first time) differences between a baseline platform template and a workspace.

I'm parsing the Windows CE workspace (PBXML) file which contains the name of the original template and a list of SYSGENS currently used in the platform, I then parse the template which contains the GUIDs for the baseline components and optional components - of course I need a way to match GUIDs and SYSGENs - this is where the Windows CE MDB file comes in (from the last post on this subject).

So... now what? - I have some options for where this goes (who said 'trash can' ?)

  • It would be fairly simple to create a .CEC file (and associated project files) that wrap the list of added SYSGENs - useful or not ?
  • It would be very simple to dump the list of SYSGENs to a text file or HTML file - useful or not ?

Also, some of the components listed as "added" are optional components for the platform, does this make sense ? - should optional components be pulled out as 'added', or should these be assumed to be part of the base platform ?

Here's a link to the application in the form (geddit!) you see above - note this is still work in progress, and needs the .NET Framework 2.0 to run.

Over to you for comments/suggestions...

<Update> I'm now also detailing which components have been removed from the baseline platform configuration </Update>

- Mike

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