James Y Wilson, living life without a laptop, or, doing the Windows Mobile thing…

Is it possible to live life without a laptop? - James Y Wilson has been living with his Windows Mobile device and comments on the applications he needs and the overall experience, read more on the blog here.

What do you use your Windows Mobile device for, and an even better question... what applications or services have you added to your Windows Mobile device beyond the core applications ?

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. Jason Barile says:

    I have an Axim x50v and use it daily for e-mail, calendar, task management, RSS feed reading (via NewsBreak), and listening to podcasts in the car (via SmartFeed + WMP10). Beyond that, I sometimes play Birdsoft’s great poker game & browse the web. I’ve not found it incredibly helpful for taking meeting notes (I prefer the Tablet PC for that), but I do use notes for quickly jotting down URLs or phone numbers. I just upgraded to WM5 and really like the built-in Powerpoint viewer too.

    I’ve tried using Messenger and Skype on it but just haven’t found them integrated into my daily life like the other apps yet.

  2. Matt Newman says:

    I use my iPaq for calander somewhat, I occasionally use it as an MP3 player. What I do most is balance my checkbook, I wrote a little app that allows me to quickly document transactions and keep track of my balance.

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