Windows CE in robotics ?

Just curious whether anyone out there is using Windows CE in robotics (yes, we all know that Kuka is using Windows CE) - if so, what type of robot do you have Windows CE running in, what is the hardware reference board, and which version of Windows CE are you using ?

- Mike

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  1. ABB is working closely with MS, and yes we are using Windows CE. Not in the robot controller itself but in the FlexPendant, which is the handheld touchscreen interface to the new IRC5 controller. See link.

    It’s not really my area, so I don’t know about hardware stuff.

    Johannes Weiman

    ABB Robotics

  2. For those unfamiliar with CE being used in robots, I list a few commercial and academic ones here:

  3. CodeSys runs a softPLC on top of Windows CE.

    A softPLC is not a robot, but it is used for realtime machine control.

    Check out:

  4. I am working on CE based robot to act as a training tool for developing real-time, system level software. It uses as a PCM-37E12 PC/104 board for I/O and a Vortex86-6070 board running CE 5.0.

    See the following URL for more information:

  5. Thomas Ruf says:

    Emtrion actually is developing a Atmel ARM9 based hardware with Windows CE 5.0 for one of our German key customers. Our customer is offering plant and machinery for car manufacturing. Many hard real-time requirements exists! I have the hope to post a case study, when the project is successfully finished 🙂

  6. Theoris has developed with Chaveriat-Robotique a complete software solution for multi-axe robot progamming and control (soft PLC and MMI) using Windows CE 4.2 and a custom Pentium-M board. The system called SYNAPS is used on Manufacturing sites since feb’04 and it will be the subject of a "Windows Embedded Testimonial" by end of nov’05.

    See the following URL for technical information:

  7. With my university in Paris, I (in fact we were a team of 12 students) made a robot for the european robotic cup 2004.

    We used a PC/104 board based on a SH4 processor (HiCO.SH4 from Emtrion) running WindowsCE 4.2 and with some help from Theoris, we built a real-time application to control the robot.

    The following article gives every details about the project:

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