Windows CE 5.0, so what’s changed ?

I've been working on a demo over the last couple of weeks and now have a platform up and running that does exactly what I want it to do (more information on the demo coming sometime soon) - I've shown a couple of people the demo and they want to be able to recreate the demo - which should be easy, right ?

My platform contains a number of items, the base platform (chosen in the Platform Wizard) which could be Internet Appliance, Residential Gateway, Windows Based Terminal, or whatever, some additional projects (which could be applications or DLL's), and some platform components that I've either added to my platform from the catalog, or removed from my platform because my demo doesn't need them, and perhaps some custom bits added through CEFileWiz.

Providing the project files is easy, each is wrapped by its own pbpxml file which can be added to another platform, and providing the custom CEC files that wrap any external files is also easy - the piece that's missing is figuring out the delta between my base platform (let's assume the platform is based on Internet Appliance) and my final o/s image - perhaps I don't want the standard Windows CE shell, perhaps I need support for the .NET Compact Framework, Web Server, SOAP, and other components...

How do I figure out the delta ? - Right now I don't see a simple/quick way to do this - it gets more interesting when you have 3rd party .CEC files that could potentially add their own SYSGENS to the mix (for example any CEFileWiz generated component that contains a managed application binary will add the .NET Compact Framework bits to it's own copy of ProjSysgen.bat).

I have a cunning plan... would it be remotely useful to have a CE Image Diff tool that examines your current Platform Workspace and compares the SYSGENS used by your platform with the SYSGENS in the original base platform and then produces a report (text or html), and/or a custom CEC file that wraps those changes ?

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. FL says:

    It would be amazingly useful to have a diff engine for workspaces!!! You go girl!

  2. fcrowell says:

    ImageDiff would definitely be useful. I work with 4 different sites trying to keep their workspaces in sync.

    Tool should also track which PB updates have been applied, otherwise you get a different image with the same SYSGENS

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