Todays WE-DIG Meeting – Linux and Phones.

This evening the WE-DIG board met at the WE-DIG World-Wide HQ (a Starbucks in Bellevue attached to a Barnes and Noble bookstore)

The "Board Room" looks out onto the bookstore - Just take a look at the sign in the window, I wonder if this was planned...

During the meeting Chris Muench took a call on his HTC Universal, looks pretty cool holding the device up to his ear taking the call, right ;O)


Paul Yao also took a call, probably VoIP, on his Laptop, also looks very cool, I can imagine Paul walking down the street taking a call, and of course, given that it rains once in a while in Seattle, the laptop also doubles as an umbrella! - Perfect!

 Oh, btw, there are some pretty cool subjects lined up for the next few months of WE-DIG meetings - more on that closer to the time.

- Mike


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