Podcast: The Windows CE Build System – Interview with Gabe Spil

In this Podcast we interview Gabe Spil, the development lead for Windows CE Platform Builder and the underlying Windows CE Build System - we examine where the build system came from, the steps of the build system, adding files, applications, projects, SYSGENS, DEPTREES and a bunch of other interesting things.

I'd like to use the contents of this Podcast as a starting point for questions around Platform Builder, and the underlying Build System, the next step would be to create some tutorial videos that explain the build system, Platform Builder, and other topics you would like to know more about.

So listen to the MP3 Audio File (7MB), or subscribe to the XML/RSS Feed 

Bring on your comments and questions, I can then use this to determine which tutorial videos to record.

- Mike


Comments (1)

  1. Vernon says:

    Hey! I just listened to the podcast. It helps to know what’s going on under the hood, and I agree that 1.5 hours isn’t such a long tme for the full build when considering the result.

    So now that the picture is a bit more clear for me, here are a couple more related questions…

    So I have settled on an OS design but it needs one or two more core features. It sounded like building individual modules (in the IDE) without going to the command line, is not yet available. What is the best way to proceed with the current tool (PB 5.0)?

    Now the opposite scenario. I want to clean up my OS and remove something that is not required. For this case I believe that the Sysgen process without rebuilding is appropriate. Is that correct?

    Is this off topic? I am building in the HTTPD server. After following all the instructions, it works! Except, when a user and password is added in the remoteadmin "add user" screen, the user is created but the password is never accepted in subsequent logon attempts. How can this problem be corrected?



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