Windows CE 5.0 – Which QFE’s do you have installed ?

One of the questions that came up from my Windows CE Tools Feedback post was a question about how to determine which QFE’s are installed on a developers PC – actually, there’s already a tool out there that does this – The tool (called CEQFECHECK) ships with QFE’s, not with the base Windows CE Platform Builder tools – the image below shows which QFE’s are installed on my laptop – This morning I installed the latest Quarterly update for Windows CE 5.0 – installing the update will also install the QFE check tool – the tool gets installed to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ceqfecheck (this seems like an odd location to install the tool – I would have thought the C:\Wince500 or C:\Program Files\Windows CE Platform Builder – but once you know where it goes, then you can of course go and run it).

– Mike

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