Windows CE : Using Shared Source ?

Windows CE ships with a few Million lines of Shared Source - I'm interested to know whether you've looked at, modified, or rebuilt any of the source... If so, what are you doing with the Shared Source code ?

- Mike

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  1. Clint Singer says:

    I have spent quite a bit of time looking at the code to help with various problems. I can’t say I have tried compiling any of it because I am not a fan of makefiles (I love my IDE).

  2. Raphael Baum says:

    Never modified or rebuilt the shared code. But I spent some hours on it while debugging some OAL stuff.

  3. Rauf Salimi Khaligh says:

    I’ve browsed through it while testing and debugging services and drivers. I modified

    and compiled one file or two, just out of

    curiosity 🙂

  4. Andy says:

    Yes, I have looked at,modified and rebuilt, but only a little part.

  5. RoboForm says:

    I have try to build some tux test case.

    it can work.

    and I tried to fix one bug in SIMTKIT of Cellcore on AKU1.0,

    but I found it has been fixed on AKU2.0.


  6. Helge Kruse says:

    I have used it during debugging. It’s good to see how my code is working in its environment. Didn’t rebuild.

  7. Matt says:

    When working in a team it’s a nightmare to keep track that all people have proper QFEs installed. Any chance you could look at improve this?

    Releasing some simple command line tool that dumps all applied QFEs on a machine for each CPU-package, would be helpful. Then it would be possible to compare this to some "team standard set of QFEs".

  8. mikehall says:

    Hmm, that’s sounds like an interesting project – leave this with me, I will take a look.

    – Mike

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