PDC I-Mate JasJar – What are you doing with it ?

If you were one of the lucky PDC attendees to get an I-Mate JasJar I'm curious to know what you're doing with it, and what you think of the device.

Options are...

  1. Sell it on eBay !

  2. Use this as my primary phone/pda device

  3. Use the Visual Studio 2005 PDC bits to write some cool Windows Mobile 5.0 applications

  4. Something else...

So, let me know what you're doing with the device, and what you think of Windows Mobile 5.0 - if you're writing applications for the device then I'm super interested to know what you are writing and what your experience of using Visual Studio 2005 is like for building mobile device applications.

- Mike

Comments (6)

  1. I was order #2, and I’ve been using mine as my primary phone/PDA since I got it. Previously, I was using an Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone and a Dell X50V Pocket PC. I was spoiled by the VGA screen on the Dell, and knew I could never go back to QVGA. Not a problem with the JarJar. I’m on T-Mobile with unlimited GPRS, so I just popped in my SIM card, setup the connection (APN name), and I was rocking and rolling. I’ve been doing most of my email on it during PDC since I got it, and it’s great for web browsing.

    I’m loving WM5 so far. Best improvement? Keyboard navigation. I haven’t run into anything so far that I couldn’t accomplish with the keyboard.

    I’m not much of a developer, but I’ve been toying around with making a light front end for the Berry411/Smart411 web queries, and possibly something with Virtual Earth (Steve’s session today was great).

    Keep and eye on TinyScreenfuls.com for any updates. I’ll be posting my experiences with the JarJar as my main device, and it will likely be the subject of a future TinyPodcast of three. 🙂

  2. Boss says:

    We develop Golf and Survey software for mobile devices for several difference customers. I think it will make a big hit , esp. with the surveying customers and now we can show them


  3. pdcattendee says:

    i got the impression these devices were up for limited quantity at the show but could be purchased online (with the same deal) afterwards. didn’t want to just up and leave the presentation (as that’s a bit rude) but it appears other people had no problem doing so. guess that’s why nice guys finish last…

  4. David says:

    I didn’t intend to buy one initially. About 10 minutes after Jim’s announcement and the mass exodus, my morning coffee caught up with me and I HAD to leave. There were crowds around all the PCs outside the room. After taking care of business, I used my tablet to connect and lo and behold, there were still some left, so I got one.

    I’m using it to explore the new mobile Windows at the moment. This thing is nice enough that I may ditch Verizon for TMobile. I’ve had Palm devices for years, most recently a Palm V. This is my first Windows handheld.

    I still love my tablet!

  5. Ron Buckton says:

    I purchased one of the I-Mate JASJAR devices to use as my primary pocket PC device. I use verizon as a provider and am happy with my current phone so I will not likely be using the phone features any time soon unfortunately.

    Some things I’ve noticed since I’ve started playing with the device:

    * I cannot activate Microsoft Reader

    * I cannot use it as a bluetooth network gateway like I could with my Dell Axim X30

    * The camera features are very nice, but I don’t know of any VOIP or IM software for the PPC which integrates video as of yet.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to get the IMate (or just Windows Mobile 5.0) to allow me to connect to it via bluetooth and use it’s network connection?

  6. I’m heading towards the #2 camp. I have used Palm OS forever (my main device is a T3). When I heard rumors of the sale of PalmSource, I knew that the T3 would be my last Palm OS device.

    When given the opportunity to get the JasJar at such a low price it seemed liked a sign – I just had to get one.

    The only thing that has stopped me from making it my only PDA/phone is that:

    #1: I have to switch wireless carriers (kind of hassle, but I was planning on it anyway).

    #2: I am really surprised at how slow the JasJar is. It is faster than the T3 (at least in terms of chip speed — same chip, by the way), but it is really slow doing anything. This might stop me from ever really using it as more than a toy.

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