PDC I-Mate JasJar

I blogged about the PDC I-Mate JasJar offer from behind the keynote stage, apparently several thousand people left the keynote room and ordered their devices, within 30 minutes all devices were gone - this reminds me of the 1996 PDC when the first Casio Hand-Held PC was launched.

- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. FrankPr says:

    Indeed, bad tactical move by Jim. This was an offer you can’t resist, I’d call it bargain of the year 🙂

  2. gursharan says:

    Ahh, this isnt fair!

  3. PDC attendee says:

    I got one! Glad I bolted early from the keynote. Stupid of them to announce it so early 🙂

  4. marcio says:

    Well…I got one too…To bad my carrier doesn’t provide GSM…I have to wait until I am back to Florida to activate it…

  5. Jamey says:

    Nic i-Mate JasJar…I like it. This case can fit for it?


  6. Ari Segal says:

    How do I buy one of these? Please email me at asegal@ramaz.org

  7. John Langer says:

    You sir are a SOB.

    The ones who stayed IN the keynote should have got it.

    Stupid MS

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