Upcoming Podcast: Windows CE 5.0 Real-Time ?

Tomorrow looks like it's going to be an interesting day, we start with the Windows CE 5.0 Online Chat (9am), and then, around lunchtime I'm meeting with John Eldridge, an Architect on the Windows CE team to discuss Windows CE Real-Time support -  I'm going to record the discussion and post as an audio Podcast on the blog.

I'd like to get an overview of the Windows CE operating system architecture, perhaps how this differs from windows desktop, and how the architectural differences give Windows CE real-time response. How do we test/measure the real-time capabilities of Windows CE, what tools ship with Windows CE to allow someone to test the real-time behavior of their device... And of course I will make up some random questions on the day, perhaps around memory management, scheduling, tips and tricks for writing real-time applications, whether managed applications can play in the real-time arena.

Oh! wait a second, if I've listed the questions on the blog then I really won't be making them up as I go along... oh well, you get the idea... Windows CE 5.0 Real-Time Podcast, coming soon to a blog near you.

And the day wraps up with the WE-DIG Windows Automotive 5.0 session - what a cracking day !

- Mike

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