Coding CF 2.0 on a Windows CE 5.0 device.

Those nice chaps over in the Visual Studio team have a blog entry that describes the steps needed to configure a Windows CE 5.0 operating system image so you can build, debug, and deploy managed applications from Visual Studio 2005 - the steps are somewhat manual right now - I may take a look at generating a CEC file to wrap the functionality directly into the Windows CE Platform Builder Catalog.

- Mike

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  1. Mads Lind Christiansen says:

    Hi Mike

    A CEC would be nice – I’m actually trying to make a project file which includes the files needed and automatically run conmanclient2.exe. etc…

    I was wondering – they mention a registry setting [HKLMCoreConOverrideSecurity] = 1

    I have a bit of trouble doing this in a reg file. I am also not quite sure what type of key to use etc… so now I would have to run cmaccept.exe manually (or let it autorun when Win CE starts up), but this only works for the first 3 min.

    It would also be nice to have the CF2 beta preinstalled in the WinCE image.

    But then again thanks for the tip – although it is somewhat "old news".

    Can you confirm that deployment cannot work with ActiveSync v4.0, VS2005b2 and WinCE5.0 ?



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