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Interesting note over on Slashdot - the winning team for the 8th annual AUV competition was running Windows XP Embedded - even more interesting is the apparent uptake of Windows XP Embedded for teams taking part in this years competition, ease of configuration, deployment, support for Remote Desktop, and remote debugging using Visual Studio were cited as reasons for Using Windows XP Embedded - in fact, Windows XP Embedded is already used in production underwater vehicles - take a look at the Ardence case study for the US Navy Unmanned research Sub.

An anonymous reader writes "This weekend the 8th Annual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Competition was held in San Diego. This year teams were challenged to complete three tasks including finding a docking station, inspecting a pipeline, and surfacing in a recovery zone marked by an acoustic pinger. Teams from MIT, Cornell, Duke and sixteen others competed for the grand prize. After an intense final round, the University of Florida's Team SubjuGator dethroned MIT and walked away with the victory. Interestingly, the UF team ran Windows XP on their embedded computer."

- Mike

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  1. Anando says:

    Actually it was not running Windows XP embedded. It was running the ful fledged Windows XP Professional on a Pentium M as mentioned on their website:


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