Virtual Earth – Locate Me…

Now this is super cool - go to - click on the "locate me" button and see what happens... - you can then do a local search of the area for gas, food etc...

I'm sat in a team meeting in building 117 on Microsoft Campus, here's the map showing where I am...

- Mike

Comments (6)

  1. Mesh says:

    What’s the fancy browser you’re using? Is that IE7 or something else?

  2. GK says:

    Your browser has a nice skin applied. Wondering what skin that was. Please let us know. Thx.

  3. Jeff Parker says:

    Chuckles, well I tried both install and non install I didn’t think it would find me. Those dang Microsoft Proxy servers hide your location everytime 😉

    It did have the right state, and the right location within 20 miles of my proxy server. Wrong town though. But me I am hundreds of miles away from there on a private network. Will have to try from home though later tonight.

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