Windows Mobile 5.0 – Persistent Storage, why ?

Windows Mobile 5.0 devices now support persistent storage, if you've been using Windows CE powered mobile devices for a while you will probably agree that this is a good step forward, when your (older) devices battery drained you would lose all of the applications and data on the device, this, IMHO was not a good user scenario - with Windows Mobile 5.0 all devices now support persistent storage, is this just for making sure that applications and data don't get lost, yes, partly, but there's more to it than that - take a look at the Windows Mobile Blog to hear from Mike Calligaro who explains the benefits of moving to persistent storage.

Also, this week I'm in Hotlanta (Atlanta) presenting at yet another conference, I believe Scoble is planning a bloggers/community meeting sometime this week, I'm planning on going and will post the location once I've heard from Scoble.

- Mike 

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