Scoble, perhaps Video can be a Podcast after all…

So, Scoble, what makes me think that video could be a Podcast ? - perhaps these videos might help...

Does that make it any clearer? - should this be "Podcast", "Video Podcast", "Video *like* Podcast" - or don't you care what it's called ?

Vote now...

- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. Steve says:

    I say we call it something completely different. How about "floooob"?

    Seriously, PODCAST!

  2. mikehall says:

    Hey Steve, ok, I agree – Flooob it is then…

    – Mike

  3. Kevin Cawley says:

    it’s too late now anyway… and i think the format of the content is irrelevant. podcasting is a all about connecting producers and consumers of bits. how those bits get munged together @ the ends of the pipe doesn’t matter as long as it is can be easily produced, accessed, and consumed and both parties deem it important, interesting or entertaining.

  4. Pete Grondal says:

    Who is Robert Scoble?

  5. Sean McLellan says:

    "Bill Gates at TechEd 2005 "

    that’s MDEC 2005.. all us techeders get is Steve 😉

  6. Neil says:

    OK, time to play Devil’s Advocate.

    If a "podcast" is basically "any content contained within an enclosure tag in a RSS feed", then if I were to drop a Word document in said enclosure tag, by definition, that would be a podcast too, right?

  7. Paul H says:

    I think of Podcasting as the distribution (syndication) of multi-media content to a remote (probably mobile) device. As these devices evolve their ability to play not just audio but video it is no longer appropriate to constrain the term to just audio. Going forward we might differentiate by describing something as an Audio Podcast or Video Podcast where appropriate.

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