Travel – TechEd Europe and WWPC

So... I'm going to be jumping around the world (again), this time paying a flying (literally) visit to TechEd Europe (Amsterdam), and the WWPC (World Wide Partner Conference) - I'm going to be delivering keynote demos at both events, the trouble is that both events are back-to-back. This means my travel schedule is a 'mare.

  • July 2nd - Leave Seattle

  • July 3rd - Arrive in Amsterdam - get collected from the airport and head straight for the conference center for keynote technical rehersals

  • July 4th - Full Keynote Rehersals

  • July 5th - Keynote ! (and I'd like to catch a couple of sessions)

  • July 6th - Leave Amsterdam and head to Minneapolis for the WWPC - Head straight for Technical Rehersals

  • July 7th - WWPC Keynote Rehersals

  • July 8th - Keynote ! (and post keynote discussions)

  • July 9th - Fly back to Seattle

Body clock? - what body clock...

If you're going to TechEd Europe it would be great to meet up sometime after the keynote on the 5th (Is there even a Starucks in Amsterdam?)

I'm finalizing the keynote demos this week - it's a mixture of Windows Mobile 5.0, the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 (aka EFP), and some other related server technologies - should be fun.

I still have my TechEd Europe 1996 Speaker shirt kicking around somewhere (and my first Microsoft event shirt which was for the OLE 2.0 Developers Conference in 1994!!).

Actually, that raises an interesting question - Since Microsoft developer tools are now able to target Server, Desktop, Tablet, Windows Mobile, and Windows Embedded (CE/XPE) would it make sense to combine the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) into TechEd (create a mobile and embedded track at TechEd) ?

- Mike

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  1. MEDC 2004 Europe was combined with Tech Ed 2004 Europe, so this combination woudln’t be anything new.


    I will be there at Tech Ed 2005 Europe in Amsterdam if you would like to meet with me – after all I was the first ever creator of podcast dedicated to Windows Mobile… (I started in October 2004).

  2. Only if you add four days to TechEd exclusively dedicated to mobile and embedded 😉

    Seriously, though, I’d be worried about the mobility content getting diluted.

  3. fdezjose says:

    Are you (or the podcasting team) going to do some video-podcasting of TechEd Europe as you did in TechEd US? They were really great.

  4. Paul Yao says:

    Starbucks has a roasting and distribution facility in Amsterdam (see

    *BUT* — no retail stores in Amsterdam. If you are flying through Heathrow, perhaps you can stop at the airport to get your last coffee fix. I was in the Amsterdam airport two months ago, and don’t remember any Starbucks shops in the airport.

    From the store locator page of the Starbucks website, here is a list of the 34 countries where they *do* have stores (in case you want to make a slight detour before going to The Netherlands…):


















    New Zealand




    Puerto Rico


    Saudi Arabia


    South Korea






    United Arab Emirates

    United Kingdom

    United States

  5. paul says:

    We need the MEDC, but there should have been more Mobile and Embedded at TechEd.

    Do you think Mobile and Embedded should be moved into the Server and Tools Division?

    I’ll be at the WWPC, why don’t you stay two more days and we’ll do some Partner Podcasts?

    Starbucks there are many;

    1101 LaSalle Ave

    Minneapolis MN, 55403

    81 South 9th Street

    Minneapolis MN, 55402

    900 Nicollet Mall

    Minneapolis MN, 55403

    80 South 8th Street

    Minneapolis MN, 55402

    120 S. 6th Street

    Minneapolis MN, 55402

  6. Unfortunately there is no Starbucks in Amsterdam (yet). Oh, and don’t try one of the local coffee shops :-), especially not before doing the Keynote demo’s.

    It would be great to have an embedded and mobile track at TechEd, especially to get lots of developers that would not attend MEDC familiar with "our" products, although I definitely would not want to give up MEDC for it.

    I am looking forward to see you in Amsterdam.


  7. Soyale says:

    I’m estimating that’s a 10,000 mile round trip in 7 days which works out at about 1428 miles per day and approximately 20 hours flight time (about 2.85 hours per day).

    Your net timezone change is +9, -3, -6. Net change about 2.57 hrs per day.

    As you know I just completed a similarly crazy trip. Stats are :

    30000 miles in 21 days (1428 per day, spooky!) in 50h of flight time (2.38 per day).

    Time zone changes : +9 -1 +8 +2 -2 -24 +8. Net change is 2.57 hours per day.

    Now the weird thing about this is that both trips have very similar statistics with mine over 3 weeks as opposed to one. Bearing in mind the MEDC Podcast picture in which we look very similar and our identical accents (in the minds of many of our peers), can we conclude that we are indeed the same person? I mean, it’s not like you ever see us together right?

  8. mikehall says:

    Hmm, that’s interesting, perhaps we really are just one person – the Microsoft cloning labs appear to be doing a great job!

    The year before moving to Redmond was a cracking year for travel, 240,000 miles, and approximately 3 weeks flight time!

    The amount of travel has reduced dramatically since moving to Redmond – I really do enjoy working when I get to my destination and meeting with developers using our technologies.

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