Windows Embedded Online Webcast (Tools Demos)

Yesterday morning (or several weeks ago if you are reading this in July!) I presented a one hour Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded online Seminar - the seminar was recorded and is now available to view on demand.

Covering Windows CE 5.0 or Windows XP Embedded SP2 at any level of depth requires at least one hour for each product, so look out for some additional seminars coming up in the near future.

If there are specific topics around Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Application development or Windows Mobile that you would like to see covered in an online seminar then let me know !

- Mike


Comments (3)

  1. Ruth says:

    Hello all,

    The recent Windows Embedded NetSeminars, including a Chinese version, are also linked to on the recent headlines page:

    Check out the Windows Embedded Webcasts page, too:

    ~ Ruth

  2. webclerk says:

    I like the book of Paul Yao.

    also I like the webcast of yours.

    Nice, Are you well now?


  3. mikehall says:

    Hi Anson,

    I enjoy recording the Webcasts – I’m really interested in why things work, why customers should think about using specific tools or technologies, running webcast interviews is one way to get and share that information.

    Interviewing Paul is always fun, he’s a really interesting character, fun to talk to and certainly knows his stuff.

    Yes, I’m very well, thanks for asking – getting hit with two bugs, one just before MEDC, and the other before TechEd US wasn’t a great experience.

    And now I’m off to TechEd Europe !!

    – Mike

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