Podcast : Interview with Paul Yao – Gumstix/CE/Robots

Yesterday I met with Paul Yao to talk about porting Windows CE to the Gumstix board, this is a community project started by the Windows Embedded Developer Interest Group (or WE-DIG) - we also talked about Windows/Embedded and a bunch of other interesting things...

Here's a direct link to the discussion as a .mp3 file and I will update the blog podcast xml file shortly with the Paul Yao interview and the (video) podcast interview with Team Sam, the winning team at the Windows Embedded Student Challenge.

Porting Windows CE 5.0 to the Gumstix is going to be an interesting community project - let me know if you would like to be involved in the project - I'd like to see the project expand to have an end result, for example, taking the Gumstix and making this the brains of something like a Parallax Sumobot - wouldn't it be cool to have a Windows CE powered Sumobot ? (SumoCEBot)

- Mike

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  1. Ruth says:

    So…"DrumStix" isn’t just the ice cream cone we had as kids, huh… : )


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