Windows Embedded Student Challenge – Team Sam – Winning Project – Video

I recorded around Seven hours of video at the Windows Embedded Student Challenge, the winning team was from RMIT Australia, here's a link to the winning teams video at the expo hall - I will also get this added to my blogs Podcast/RSS/XML file.

This is a really neat project, using Windows CE to look ahead at the weather forecast for an area and use this information to programatically drive pumps to water a crop. Windows CE/XP Embedded/SPOT is interesting for me because software is where you can add 'smarts' to existing hardware/devices, in this student project taking a 'dumb' water pump, adding support for consuming web services/data, determining the correct amount of water for a given crop based on weather predictions is smart - this saves precious resources, and provides monitoring data that wasn't previously possible - very neat.

- Mike

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