Windows Embedded Student Challenge – Finals

The Windows Embedded Student Challenge Finals are running this weekend at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond - the Challenge kicked off last year with over 270 teams from across the world taking part.

The finals have 30 teams taking part, 10 from China, 6 USA, 5 Romania, 3 India, 2 Australia, 1 Brazil, 1 Mexico, 1 Turkey, 1 Slovania

The final contest started on Thursday evening with a group dinner, a couple of special guests dropped in to the dinner and talked to the students, this included Craig Mundie (CTO Microsoft), and Bill Gates - there was a noticable gasp when Bill walked into the room, closely followed by the clicking of cameras - if you took photos from the event then let me know, I'd like to get these pulled together on the Student Challenge Flickr site

The winners of last years competition have now setup their own company, and are blogging this years event.

The first day of the event the teams could exhibit their projects, and needed to present their projects to a panel of judges, by 8pm we had picked the 10 teams that would be in the final (I will list the teams later today) - I ran around the event with my video camera, and plan on posting some of the videos to my blog over the next few days.

Today's event finishes at 5pm, I will capture an interview with the winning team.

- Mike


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  1. Justin says:

    Hey Mike. I’ve never used Flickr before so I’m not positive on how it works. Do we need our own account to load pictures or do we log into a shared account?

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