TechEd Podcast – going, or not going, get the feed…

The Microsoft Podcast is heading for Orlando Florida this weekend to Podcast TechEd 2005 – Learn about how to sync Video Podcasts to your desktop, laptop/tablet, or Windows Mobile Device here – and here’s a direct link to the Podcast XML file.

<– TechEd Blogger Guy (and link to the TechEd Bloggers page)

– Mike

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  1. Jason Barile says:

    TechEd 2005 starts on June 5th.&amp;nbsp; If you can’t attend in person, you can still catch lots of great…

  2. Justin says:

    Hey Mike, looking forward to TechEd podcasts, but when are you going to put up the rest from MEDC?

  3. Paul Mooney says:

    Mobilizer Madness

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