Coding 4 Fun.

You’ve been at work all day, coding cool and interesting applications, or debugging someone else’s code, or maintaining 20 year old FORTRAN spaghetti – so, what’s planned for the evening ? – check out Coding4Fun -


The site has been up for a month or so, and there’s already plenty of “cool stuff” on the site, including:

·         Game Development 101

·         How to build your own personal web site using the Personal Web site Starter Kit

·         How to program an LCD display to show what music is playing in Windows Media Player

·         How to program a temperature control

·         How to create a system monitor, or a utility that dynamically monitors your clipboard for URLs, or networking utilities

How to pull data from Amazon’s and Google’s Web service


It would be extremely cool to also get some mobile/embedded content up on the site.


– Mike

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  1. We have a free software driver for our LCD display that works with Windows MCE 2005 to display the current media information:×64%20LCD_Display_Terminal_MCE.htm

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