Feedback on MEDC 2005


We’re really, really interested in your feedback on MEDC 2005 – what were the highlights, lowlights, what could have been better, what should we do more of next time around ?

Send your feedback either as comments to this post, or, if you prefer we could wrap up your comments on – use SndRec32 to record a .wav file, or use the recorder on your Windows Mobile device – I’d like to take some of the feedback and produce a Podcast file so you can all get a feel for the event.

– Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Overall I enjoyed MEDC. I think that there could have been a bit more emphasis on the down in the weeds technical details in the seminars. It seemed that the mostly technical seminars were targeted at the embedded track, rather than the mobile track. I would have liked to see more code samples and examples rather than just slides about what might be done.

    The other thing could have been less emphasis on the ability to bind a SQL Mobile data source to a datagrid. I could swear that just almost every seminar on the mobile track, starting with the key note, made sure we knew that functionality existed.

    The opportunity to network with other developers, see new hardware and software products from vendors made the trip worthwhile.


  2. Delphine Han says:

    This is my first time at the MEDC (I was at the MDC 2004 without the E last year). And it’s my first exposure to the embedded systems. I found it to be time well-spent, lots of excellent speakers, lots of valuable information. For me, it was a bit overwhelming. Like a kid in candy store, with so many choices, but I can’t have them all. It may help if there were repeats for some of the sessions.

    One comment about the default slides (the 2nd, and the last 3 slides of almost every talk), they get to be too much after seeing it in every talk for four days. I got kind of confused when a talk was completed focused on eVC++ with the first slide showing everything except eVC++.

    The exhibition was very good also, with enough variation on exhibitors. If anything, I wish the opening hours were longer

    Overall, it was great. I appreciate Microsoft’s effort in helping developers like me to have an easier learning path. Thanks.

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