MED Keynote : Behind the scenes…

Check out the video from behind the scenes at the keynote for MEDC 2005

So, MEDC 2005 US has come to a close, it’s been a blast, and also a ton of work – We’ve been Podcasting “LIVE” from the MEDC event, this is the first video Podcast from any Microsoft event – if you like what we’re doing, and want to see this format taken up at other events such as Tech Ed or the PDC then let me know – I can’t promise anything but I can certainly pass on your comments.

It’s now 10:30pm on Thursday May 13th, I arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday May 7th and haven’t left the hotel since arriving, this has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time, Keynote, 5 sessions, press interviews, podcasting… Would I do it again, you bet!

Podcasting from the event has been a hoot, we had a fantastic team, Pete and Craig on Camera, Mike on audio, and Kevin making sure everything got published (and doing a ton of other things) – In three days we’ve produced over 80 videos, a ton of audio interviews and we’re not finished yet – there’s still a ton of film to go through and get pushed up to the XML feed.

I’m also going to create a blog post with a listing of all the content, probably early next week… and need to write a wrap up from the event, there is a ton of stuff to cover.

– Mike


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