Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth

Check this out, Microsoft has released something called the Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth – this is a shared source bluetooth class library wrapper for Bluetooth development.

The code was written by Anil Dhawan (check out the interview here) – the class library makes it super easy to write Bluetooth services and applications, go check it out…

Check out the picture of King Harald Bluetooth here…

Harald Bluetooth

If you want to discuss Bluetooth development we have a Wiki setup over on MSDN Channel 9

– Mike 


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  1. zsw says:

    I create a project according your article at, modify code "Nav2URL (_T("\test.htm"));" with "Nav2URL (_T(""));" in void CIEViewerView::OnInitialUpdate(),

    the others are exactly the same as your article. Then I continuously click links in this website, I find IT WILL DIE within ONLY A HOUR. I wanna know why this happen, did I make some mistakes with your article? How to solve it? Thanks

  2. Jeff Parker says:

    Hey Mike this is cool I finally got my new PDA Phone and playing with the blue tooth on it I was wondering just the other day how I could program against it.

    P.S. BTW have you really noticed the MSDN blogs are messed up lately? There is a comment on this post that is a reply to another post at least what I see and some time when I post I don’t see them and there was a post that just finally came down my XML feed reader today I actually read online here 4 days ago when someone else posted a link to it in their blog. Wacky things afoot!

  3. D. Philippe says:

    It looks like King Harald is holding the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! And what’s that in the other hand…uh oh, a thermal detonator!

  4. Peter Foot says:

    It’s nice to see Microsoft admitting that Bluetooth development is difficult and providing some tools to help, however I’m a little disappointed with the functionality available, I also don’t think the object model fits in with other networking technologies in the .NET framework particularly well. My OpenNETCF wrapper follows the TCP, IrDA etc providers and does other neat stuff like device discovery, it also works out of the box on CE and XP (SP1 and higher) using the Microsoft Bluetooth stack.,category,Bluetooth.aspx

    When I get back from MEDC I’ll have another update with some fixes for COM port registration and other tweaks.

  5. Hi Peter!

    OpenNETCF rocks, but why is the XML serialization support very confusing and has quite a few problems with it?

    I guess the OpenNETCF Bluetooth source needs to be more well documented, which will definitely help beginers.

    But it rocks… I am awaitng for my "Windows Embedded Source Tools for Bluetooth" download to complete.


    Sunil Jagadish

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