MEDC Podcast on the Daily Source Code.

Check out the MEDC 2005 Promo in todays Daily Source Code – the fun begins at about 22 minutes and 50 seconds… (check out the croaky voice, not ideal when just about to do a keynote demo).

– Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Jacco2 says:

    Mike, do you happen to play Neil in The Young Ones? Your voice is… uncanny. ("First we sow the seed, then we grow the seed" :-).

    I listened to your interview with Larry Hryb. Blogcasting instead of podcasting? Pod = publishing on demand?! Oh, come on! Be a good sport and admit defeat!

  2. Pete Grondal says:

    In Mike’s defense.. Larry and I have had this conversation before also.. and Mike and I are in the camp to leave podcasting as "podcasting" as is most everyone I know.. and it’s from ipods for heaven’s sake.. we love mobile devices period.. so that’s not an issue for sure. however, due to our good nature.. we always let Larry be Larry!! That’s why we love Larry! Xbox is Xbox.. and That’s why we love Xbox 🙂 My URL is only videoblogcast because podcast was taken 🙁 how late I was.. but I’ll push submit. It’s my favorite button.

    God Bless Podcasting (the Genre)

    and RSS (the technology)

    Let’s get away with something.

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