Microsoft Technologies available for Licensing.

Just been reading Brian Groth’s blog – did you know that there are a number of technologies available to build products with?

Here’s the list – Would any of these be useful for building embedded systems? – perhaps so, it’s probably good to take a look at the list and see what’s available – let me know if you find anything that you build into an embedded device.

– Mike

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  1. Jacco2 says:

    I wanted to add a comment about licencing to your 2005/01/18 blog entry about embedded Linux not being free. But apparently comments are closed for that entry.

    You wrote: "Let’s say that I wanted to build a consumer electronics device that supported playing music files, and an e-mail client using Linux […]. What are the requirements for this device? The most common music format being supported on digital music devices is MP3 (or Windows Media Audio)".

    Tsk tsk Mike, only one format can be most common, by definition! Don’t try to slip in WMA there. You and I know that MP3 is the most popular. Apple’s AAC is probably the second most popular.

    "…so we would probably need an MP3 decoder, these are available from Fraunhofer at a license cost of $0.75 per device. What about the e-mail client, these are available from thekcompany for $2.00 per device (based on more that 10,000 units being shipped) – Do I spot a trend here ?"

    You DO NOT need to licence code from the Fraunhofer institute. There are free clean room implementations. Now, they may have a patent on MP3. But software patents are not a reality in Europe and many other parts of the world. And let’s hope it stays that way.

    There is a huge number of free e-mail clients. I’m sure there are some that are small enough for embedded clients. (But why were you linking to an HVAC company, Mike? It’s thekompany, not thekcompany 🙂


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