MEDC Getting Close – one of the clues.

BasketMEDC must be getting close, how do I know? – Each week I fill a basket with Twix and other treats and leave it outside my office for people within the Mobile and Embedded group to come and help themselves (Jeana Jorgensen started the practice a few years ago when we were still living in building 27 – now that we’ve moved offices a couple of times, and Jeana has moved to the Exchange team I’ve carried on the practice) – typically, a basket full of goodies will last at least a week – this week the basket was filled twice, by Wednesday morning the basket was completely empty, today (Friday) the basket was empty again! – Are people skipping lunch, getting into the office early, staying late? – yep, all of the above – did I get questions today about where the Twix had gone? – yep!

There’s just one more week until MEDC 2005 – I’m really looking forward to the event, it’s going to be really cool to have a mixture of mobile and embedded content being delivered at the same event – I’ve spent most of this week reviewing content and watching session dry runs – There are some awesome sessions at the event – should be Fantastic !

– Mike

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