Podcast get it to go: The MEDC 2005 Podcast Feed on Pocket PC.

A previous post showed you how to get the MEDC 2005 Podcast Feed on your desktop. Here's how you get it on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

The steps are very similar:

Download FeederReader from www.FeederReader.com and install it on your storage card using cabinstl (a link to cabinstl is on the FeederReader download page).

Add the MEDC 2005 Podcast feed by selecting "Tools | Add RSS Feed" and typing in http://www.microsoft.com/winme/MEDC/MEDCPodcast.xml


The Status Bar will turn green and attempt to download the feed. If you are connected to the internet, this will automatically download the feed for you. If you are not connected, then connect to the internet and select "All | Update All RSS"


Once the feed is updated, then download the podcasts using "All | Update | Enclosures"


If you want, you can set "Tools | Options | Enclosure Tab | Download on Update". This will automatically download the enclosures when the feed is updated. Then you won't have to Update the Enclosures manually.

You can select any new MEDC podcast, and the Enclosure Toolbar will automatically appear. Or you can just select "Toolbar | Enclosure" from the Display drop down menu.


Hit the play button and FeederReader will launch Windows Media Player and play the podcast.


You don't even have to be looking at the MEDC feed to play a podcast. Just bring up the Enclosure Toolbar, and tap the Play button and the first downloaded podcast it finds will play.


When you're finished watching the video, go back into FeederReader and press the Delete-Play button. This will automatically delete the podcast you just listened to and it will start the next one.

There are lots of options to tune your podcasting experience (automatic downloading, automatic deleting, setting the minimum storage card memory) but these instructions will get you downloading and listening to the MEDC podcast directly on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Audio, Video, and anything else we throw at you. (DUCK! Here it comes!)

After you've downloaded a new podcasts, just choose the video to play, and enjoy highlights and interviews from MEDC 2005 from the comfort of your...well...anywhere you go!

Thanks to Greg Smith, Author of FeederReader for the Pocket PC Podcast walkthrough…

So, what are you waiting for… sign up, get watching !

– Mike

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  1. Mike Hall has a great writeup on FeederReader for grabbing the podcasts from Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference 2005. I was testing FeederReader but with my work and family schedule I let it slip. I have reinstalled FeederReader and am using Mike’s short walktrough he received from Greg Smith. I enjoy FeederReader. It is a good application. Might be a…

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