Podcast: Getting Started with the MEDC 2005 Podcast Feed

We have a Video Podcast feed running at this years Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC 2005) – If you’re new to podcasting here’s how to get started on your desktop/laptop – look out for “how to get started” syncing the podcast feed directly on your Windows Mobile devices, coming soon…

First you need a tool to sync the Podcast feed, there are two main choices, Doppler, and iPodder – for this run through I will use the new iPodder version 2.0 (the steps are pretty much the same for iPodder and Doppler).

Here’s the iPodder UI – the tool installs an iPodder Test Channel which can be used to check that your internet and proxy settings are configured correctly to pull down new and interesting (like the MEDC 2005 Video Podcast!) content.


In iPodder, select Tools | Add a Feed or hit CTRL+N, or click the (+) toolbar button – this will display the “Add a Feed” dialog box – this is where you enter the location of the Podcast XML/RSS feed you want to sync with.


The MEDC 2005 Video Podcast feed is here – http://www.microsoft.com/winme/MEDC/MEDCPodcast.xml

Add this into the URL edit control and click “Save” – in the image below you can see that the MEDC 005 Video Podcast feed has been added.


Now all you need to do is sync the content – Select Tools | Check All – this will examine each of the Podcast feeds you’ve signed up for and download the content to your hard drive – not only is the content downloaded, but iPodder (and Doppler) will also create a custom Play List in Windows Media Player (or iTunes – oh, wait, that’s audio only… Doh!).

The physical content is downloaded to My Documents and a subfolder called My Received Podcasts

And here’s Windows Media Player showing the MEDC 2005 Video Podcasts.


Now you can just choose the video to play, and enjoy highlights and interviews from MEDC 2005 from the comfort of you desktop (or laptop) PC.

– Mike

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