MEDC 2005 Video Podcast Feed Updated.

Whether you’re going to MEDC 2005 or not you should certainly think about signing up for the MEDC 2005 Podcast Feed (you will need Doppler or iPodder to sync the content) – We’ve just updated the feed with some intro’s from Paul Yao, Doug Boling, and Sean Liming, at this point we’re about two weeks out from MEDC, we’re going to be adding more content to the feed over the next two weeks, and a TON of content from MEDC.

So, how’s MEDC coming along ? – This last week has seen a flurry of activity, all “Embedded” slide decks are now submitted and have been reviewed (that was this weekend) – we have session and lab dry runs this coming week. Based purely on slide content review I think we’re going to have a great event – I can’t wait to interview some of the speakers down at MEDC.

– Mike

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