Need a Star Wars hit ?

Need a Star Wars hit before Episode III comes out ? – take a look at Star Wars Revelations – an independent Star Wars Fan Film, looks pretty cool !

BTW, Star Wars day is coming…. May the 4th be with you…

– Mike

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  1. Paul Yao says:

    Ouch — that hurts so bad.

    To answer your question, Mike, it sounds like *you* need to be hit! Okay, just kidding. I’m sure you already know that Windows For Devices describes you as being "renowned for his (occasional) strange antics."

    Am not sure why the "occasional" was added; perhaps WFD’s lawyers made them put that in there!

    Happy podcasting from MEDC!


  2. This is an ausome link with really cool aim buddy icons pertaining to Star Wars Episode III. There are very many icons, guarantee you wont be dissapointed with the many selections.

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