Less Marketing, More Content ?

Do you find that the majority of web pages and videos you watch from large corporations are too marketingy? - Too much "rich, scalable, platform", and not enough "how to", "hands-on" and useful content ? - It's interesting to see how well MSDN Channel 9 and skunk works content are being picked up, for example the VBTV show (which I think is over engineered) - sometimes I think we forget that we have new users out there, developers that don't know how to configure an embedded operating system, have never written an XML Web Service, have no clue what the difference is between GDI, DirectX, Avalan, and where to use each of the technologies. Sure there are going to be some developers keeping up with the latest bits, but I'm guessing that the majority are still interested in knowing how, when, and why to use certain technologies, right ?

- Mike 

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  1. ShadowChaser says:

    Sometimes I feel I need to hire an interpreter just to read product pages.

    The other day I went and tried to figure out *exactially* what Virtual Server is.

    "Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 is the most cost-effective virtual machine solution designed for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to increase operational efficiency in software testing and development, server consolidation scenarios, and application re-hosting."

    Riiiight. So it’s a cost-effective virtual machine. But what does it *do*. 🙂

    No one reads marketing buzzwords. Did anyone loose a sale because they didn’t put "cost-effective", "increase efficiency", "ROI" or "TCO" in the product description? Probably not! 🙂

  2. Quentin says:

    I must reply with a resounding !!!YES!!!

    Everything you read from MS is "rich this and experience that" or "scalable this and time to market that". And lets not forget that every product name/service needs at least a 3 word name so it can be made into an acronym that nobody will understand.

    I think this might be why MS blogs have taken off; they use real language and contain some great information that normally gets lost in the Marketese.

  3. David Cumps says:

    Totally agree, less marketing, more to the point 🙂 With marketing talk you can’t code a system and you’re wasting valuable time, time which would be better spent having a good hands on lab where you learn how to do something

  4. AndrewSeven says:

    The thing about marketing based information is that it contains a lot of stuff that is of no use to developers.

    More experienced developers may have the habit of fitering it out, but the juniors must expend a lot of effort to find the actual content.

    I went to a "Deep Dive" recently and there was nothing deep about it.

  5. Quentin says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m reading text generated using this:


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