Enabling Bluetooth on your Windows CE Embedded Image.

It looks like some of the Windows Embedded Student Challenge (WESC) teams are having problems adding Bluetooth support to their eBox reference board – this should be reasonably straight forward…

Let’s assume that you have your Platform Builder project open, and simply want to add support for a USB Bluetooth Dongle – In the Platform Builder catalog locate the following item…

Catalog | Core OS | Communication Services and Networking | Networking – Personal Area Networking (PAN) | Bluetooth | Bluetooth Protocol Stack with Transport Driver Support | Bluetooth Stack with Integrated USB Driver

The other way to locate the item is…

Right Click on the Windows CE Catalog – Select “Find” and enter SYSGEN_BTH_USB_ONLY – This will locate the catalog item directly.

Add this catalog item to your Operating System image, and rebuild – you should now be able to use a USB Bluetooth Dongle with the Windows CE Operating System Image.

– Mike

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  1. D. Philippe says:

    FWIW, in my version of PB (v4.2) this sysgen is in a different area of the catalog:

    Catalog | Device Drivers | Networking | Personal Area Networking (PAN) devices | Bluetooth | Bluetooth with Integrated USB-Only Driver

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