Star Trek Survey – Results are in…

No big surprises for this weeks survey… 42% Next Generation.

Which was the best Star Trek Series ?
Prompt Count Pct
Star Trek (original series) 13 20.31%
Next Generation 27 42.19%
Deep Space Nine 12 18.75%
Voyager 7 10.94%
Enterprise 5 7.81%

And the favorite character (quite a surprise really) is Picard, then Spock, and closely followed by Commander Data.

So, onto this weeks survey – Coding Habits – survey results to be publised next week.

– Mike

Comments (5)

  1. sebmol says:

    Rubbish. Anyone with any sense in their head knows that DS9 was the best….

  2. android says:

    Survey: What will be the next Trek?

    a) Enterprise posse – ?

    b) Shatner – Star Fleet Academy

    c) JMS – ‘Star Trek 6’ .. after Babylon 5..

    d) JK – Star Trek 90210

    e) ??

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Have I gone into a different universe? Microsoft and Star Trek???? Nuts… besides everyone knows Voyager RULES!

  4. D says:

    sebmol: You mean that bus station 9 show?

  5. Mike says:

    Of course no-one at Microsoft watches Star Trek ;O)

    A small piece of trivia… the first Windows CE reference board was the Hitachi D9000, this was codenamed by MS guys as the "ODO" (after Constable from DS9), the D9000 could take different processor boards, and therefore appeared to be a hardware shape-shifter, much like ODO from DS9.

    – Mike

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