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A few years ago a book titled Inside Windows CE was launched, this was 1998 and was about the time that the first public release of Windows CE "Embedded" operating system and tools made it out of Redmond. This was Windows CE version 2.0 (codenamed Alder), so much has changed from Windows CE 2.0 through to the latest release of the operating system Windows CE 5.0 - I'm surprised there isn't an update to the book.

I'm thinking an update to the book as an online resource (rather than book) to cover Windows CE 5.0 might be a good community project, having knowledgable people from the community contributing content against specific topics, I would be super keen to get involved in this project but would obviously need contributions from subject matter experts - is anyone even remotely interested in this as a project ?

- Mike

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  1. Mike Dimmick says:

    I’ll have to admit I bought it thinking it was going to be like "Inside Windows 2000", which it’s not. There is a bunch of useful technical information in there, but you have to distill it a bit. It’s much more a conversation with the people who implemented early versions of CE, and where the CE project came from.

    We don’t really have a book like "Windows Internals" over on the CE side. I’m the kind of person who’s interested in low-level details to make best use of the high-level facilities, and understand the motivation behind some of the higher-level tools – why they work the way they do.

  2. Mike says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I would like to see in an updated version of "Inside Windows CE".

    – Mike

  3. Wiki is your friend… A CE "wikipedia" would be an awesome asset to the community, and do much to supplement MSDN’s extensive-but-hard-to-mine and narrowly-specified information. I would be interested in trying to help make this happen, and perhaps my academic partners would be interested too.

  4. Yes I’d like to contribute

  5. Amit Ranjan says:

    Hi Mike,

    Its a super idea.

    I too would like to contribute my 2 penny..:-)

    Thanks and Regards


  6. Larry Morris says:

    Smashing idea. I’ve been pushing the idea of a CE centric Wiki within my org for some time, and just found out about Mike and Stewart’s plans here.

    I look forward to seeing the effort kicked off, and seeing folks from my teams contributing alongside our friends in the community.

  7. Samuel Phung says:

    I like to bring to the attention that James Y. Wilson is working on a book project similar to this. James wrote the book "Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE" for Windows CE 3.0

    You can take a look at his current project targeting Windows CE 5.0

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