My first play with a Sony PSP

I took some photo’s (below) to compare the size of the PSP with an HP iPaq Pocket PC – the PSP feels good in the hand, has a fantastic display, and the controls ‘feel right’ – I can certainly see why someone would want to play games on here, I’m not sold on the music/movies side of the device – music can’t be sync’d from your Desktop PC (there’s no usb cable in the box anyway), the (limited number of) movies are only available from Sony on UMD format discs, it will be interesting to see how many other movies are moved over to this format.

Generally, this looks like a really nice mobile gaming device – the screen is outstandingly good but also will attract fingerprints and smudges.

Here’s the iPaq and PSP side by side.


A comparison of the depth of the devices – there’s really not much in it.


And the screen (sorry, the shot isn’t the best) – the screen is really awesome.


– Mike

Comments (6)

  1. ben j says:

    psp is kinda rubbish though and it hurts your hands 🙁

    Also – Join my forums today!

  2. Reza says:


    It would be really cool to have Windows CE ported to this platform. It is really tempting but it would be very difficult. It is a shame that Linux would be ported on this thing before Windows CE.

  3. Wayne Taylor says:

    I own a PS2, so this is very temping indeed, I need to play around with one first and see what I think.

    Mike do you buy all this stuff or does ms get hold of this gear you are so lucky to get, I assume your not buying all of these toys yourself….

  4. Mike says:

    I don’t own the PSP (but everything else is mine), one of the guys I work with purchased one and brought it into the office – I managed to grab it for a few minutes while he was at lunch and have a play. I must admit that I’m tempted to get one.

    – Mike

  5. AR says:

    CE was ported to the XBOX… I thought that was pretty nice… but you need a *cough* *cough* to get it working.

  6. Bates-san says:

    Mike, I agree with you on your stance with the movies on this thing…DVD on a 62 inch plasma with a 7.1 surround sound is much better than a portable dvd…although it is verrry handy to just pop in movies whenever or where-ever you go. I like the graphics very much BUT i have yet to own one. my friend at work got on and he brought it in and i couldn’t get over how nice that screen is. the PSP definatly Stomps the shit out of the NintendoDS. what good is a hand held if there is one better than it? the PSP has a HUGE screen…nintendo ds has two..but crappy graphics and games. PSP is going to definatly take the lead..but the only thing holding me back was the price….$250!!!! lol imma wait for it to possibly go down in price then reconsider…although the psp is well worth the $250 if ya got it 🙂 lol

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